Family pictures are a big deal, especially with kids. I want to assure you that I can handle any mood or attitude that may or not be coming from your kids! I have six of my own, so believe me, I get it. That being said, here are my tips on helping them make it through the session, sans meltdown.

  1. Bring snacks! Who doesn’t get a little hangry during a long picture session? Bring a few non messy snacks for them! Goldfish, string cheese, gummies, etc.
  2. Bring water for everyone. The last thing you need is a dehydration headache! Bring enough water for everyone in the family, I promise you it helps.
  3. Bring a fidget toy. There are times when every kid is not in the picture, let them bring a small item to play with while they wait for their turn. I suggest something that can fit in their pocket/Dad’s pocket/Mom’s purse. If your session is in studio, and iPad or tablet is a great tool to keep them occupied.
  4. Bring wipes! Kids, anywhere, anytime, might need a quick clean.
  5. If we’re having an outdoor session, they might get dirty. I can edit it out, so don’t panic.


Outfits for the whole family can be tricky to plan, especially when it’s for an occasion like family pictures. I’m here to help, dear clients!

Here are my top tips for dressing for family pictures:

  1. Colors: Neutrals, earth tones, and muted colors are best. I suggest staying away from bright/neon colors and instead going for jewel tones or pastels.
  2. Make it interesting! Tulles, chiffon, jean, chambray, cotton, tweed. Mix it up! It’ll add dimension to your pictures.
  3. Don’t be too matchy. Gone are the days of everyone wearing white tees and jeans. I suggest instead going for a complimentary look.
  4. Be comfortable. Not in a “lounge around” way, but make sure you feel great and feel cute in your clothes. Your confidence will shine through!

I’ve created a Wardrobe Ideas page where I have gathered examples for my clients. Go check it out and hopefully something will inspire you!